Ashland - Boyd County - Catlettsburg
Office of Emergency Management

Tier 2 Submissions

Our office is now accepting Electronic Tier 2 (.t2s) Submissions in accordance with the KERC, please send them to:


Annual Legal Notice

The Boyd County Local Emergency Planning Committee has published a Required Legal Notice
Click Here to view it.


Ordinances and Notices

We are now hosting copies of related ordinances for your viewing, you may view them here,
or click on the "Ordinances" link on the left.



Trainings and Public Meetings

An up to date list of EM hosted trainings, and Public Meetings can be found on our
Facebook page, you can view our events here, or go to;



Image Gallery

We have now included an image gallery with our website, you can click here
or click "Image Gallery above to access it.


Carbon Monoxide PSA

The Boyd County Office of Emergency Management has released a PSA about Carbon Monoxide, how to detect it, and how to stay safe this winter season. Click here to read our PSA.

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer with the Emergency Management office,
Click here to fill out our form, We will contact you as soon as possible with more information.


Weather Radio - Streaming Service

Boyd County EM has switched from to
for it's weather radio stream, due to Wund
erground discontinuing the servcie.
The "Weather Radio" link to the left has been updated with the new streaming service.

Storm Damage Reports

If you received damage to your home, we want to hear from you. Please use the link above or
click here to file an electronic storm report. Alternatively, you can call our message system
at 606-739-2151 to leave a message.